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What is distance education?

Distance education brings together students and teachers separated by geographical distance. Many distance education programs operate online, allowing quality student-teacher interaction via live forum, chat, email, and other methods.

Distance education offers a wide range of accredited degrees, including online MBA's, teaching certifications, and Associate's, Bachelor's, and Masters programs in subjects as diverse as the humanities, the sciences, criminal justice, and business.

Who uses distance education?

The better question is, who doesn't? Distance education is a huge part of the college experience for millions of students nationwide. There is no "typical" online student; but many of our students are:

  • Single parents
  • Full-time professionals
  • Members of the military
  • Traditional college students
  • Retirees
  • Home-schooled students

New Type of online degrees

If you can earn it in a traditional classroom, chances are you can earn it online as well. Our listings include a wide variety of online degree programs, including:

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